AutoGen Power Management System (PMS)
The AutoGen PMS from Naust Marine is an automatic paralleling and electrical load sharing system meant to increase propulsion power, reduce oil consumption and maintenance cost.

The AutoGen system is suitable for upgrading older fishing vessels, with small main engines, which otherwise could not benefit from the newest fishing technology - like Naust Marine´s ATW system.

The AutoGen system prevents extreme load on individual engines by automatic load sharing, automatically starting and stopping generators per demand and supply of electrical power.

With extra equipment, the AutoGen may be used as an alternative facility to a broken main engine, transferring auxiliary power to the propeller through the shaft generator (take home system).

A special AutoGen control panel is used to choose between settings for the shaft generator and load distribution on generators. The system is delivered with a control monitor (HMI) which is convenient for systems with many generators.

AutoGen offers:

  • More control over power availability and distribution between generators
  • Automation and generator protection functions
  • Fuel savings by running diesel gensets at optimal power output
  • Fuel savings by having the ability to turn off 1 or 2 auxiliary gensets due to better power management
  • Increased propulsion power by transferring electrical power away from the main engine, leaving more power for the propeller
  • A stronger and more robust electrical grid, better prepared to handle load shocks and peak loads
  • Remote service offered from Naust Marine experts through vessel’s internet connection
  • Class certification as per customer request

The AutoGen system can be delivered as a retrofit to existing switchboards, or as a complete switchboard solution for newbuilds or major vessel upgrades.



AutoGen Brochure