26.July 2023

New Naust Marine Umbilical Winch for MJR Power & Automation

Naust Marine umbilical winch for supply vessel owned by Subsea Micro piles LTD. in Ireland.

Naust Marine is excited to announce its production of its new umbilical winch for MJR Power and Automation. This winch will be on the deck of the supply vessel and function as a portable unit for various subsea operations.

The umbilical winch allows the deployment of the umbilical cable for the supply of services necessary for the bell and divers in water. The Umbilical winch is fitted with a tensioning device that maintains a positive “pull” on the umbilical to prevent excess umbilical being paid out.

Umbilical winch supplied with

  • Right angle arrangement
  • Storage capacity of 400 mts – 32.5 mm umbilical cable
  • 6t at 22 mts/min
  • Special slip ring 176/291 model
  • Electric cabinet and local control

Naust Marine continues to supply the highest quality construction and design suitable for inclement weather and harsh conditions.