16.February 2022

Congratulations to vessel Good Hope at Fish Auction URK!

Naust Marine is excited for the Netherlands-based Osprey Fish Group’s off-the-ground and continued success with the Good Hope (LH 357). Managing Director Loewe De Boer further shared that it is in-part due to the Naust Marine electric winches and systems.

The LH 357, a fly shooter/twin rigger, received the highest pricing at the Fish Auction Urk last year. The Spanish-built cutter commissioned in January 2020, is equipped with Naust Marines deck machinery equipment for trawling and fly shootings.

During the fly shooting season, they fish for squid, red mullet (goatfish), and lemon sole. Despite many setbacks and fishing restrictions in 2021, Good Hope prevailed.

Photo Courtesy of Visserijineuws