08.December 2021

Akraberg Receives Upgrade of Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control System

Naust Marine is happy to announce, the recent ATW Trawl Winch Control system upgrade for trawler, Akraberg, built in 1994 and owned by Faroese company Framherji. Installation and start-up took place in the Faroe Islands. Sea trials went well, and the vessel headed straight to fishing in the Barents Sea.

The Naust updated system allows the 86-meter by 14-meter vessel to tow two trawls, which in turn increases the ship’s catch performance. The system includes all new electrical control equipment associated with towing.

The ATW provides automatic load control for the trawl winches. For each evolution, it shoots the net to a pre-set length determined by the operator. The ATW automatically and continuously ensures equal tension on the wires. During trawling, the ATW system keeps the trawl in optimal geometrical position, resulting in maximum catch with minimal operations cost.