11.November 2021

Naust Marine receives ISO 9001 certification

For the past year, Naust Marine has worked diligently on implementing a Quality Management System; a set of internal rules defined by policies, documented procedures, and records, with the goal to provide consistent quality and service assurance.  

Naust Marine’s Quality Policy ensures that the company designs and manufactures superior products in a cost-effective way and provides the customer with goods and services to the agreed requirement in accordance with the details and price. Special emphasis is placed on the detailed testing of products and that continuous growth is taking place in parallel with rapid technological development. The Quality Policy also confirms that we will provide excellent service with sustained training and growth opportunities for all employees. 

Last March, Iceland’s accredited British Standards Institution (BSI) inspection company completed its audit of Naust Marine's operations in Iceland, and recently our winch production site in Spain also secured ISO 9001 certification. 

We are pleased to note that the company's quality management system has met all the requirements of the international Quality Standard ISO 9001. 

"The ISO 9001 certification is the result of the coordinated work of Naust Marine's employees and is very important for the operation as a whole," said Bjarni Þór Gunnlaugsson, the company's managing director. 

Naust Marine’s ISO 9001 Certifications will allow for new market sector opportunities as well as detail its opportunity for continual improvement and strengthening customer satisfaction.