14.June 2021

Fishing Efficiency Improves with Naust Marine Deck Machinery Solutions

For more than 30 years, Naust Marine has put great focus on constant innovation and continual improvement; with the goal to increase trawling efficiency by researching, developing, and testing innovative, and reliable products. Each employee at Naust Marine understands our customer’s success is influenced by our dedication to continuous research and development.
Over the years, Naust Marine has come to develop and offer some amazing products that provide the complete deck machinery solution. Innovation both hardware and software centric increase fishing capabilities and lower costs for the vessels. Because of Naust Marine’s leading-edge technology and in house production, products and systems are reliable and durable. As of 2021, over 200 vessels worldwide have Naust Marine winches, controls systems and/or other maritime solution onboard.  

One such innovative product solution that is gaining more exposure and traction is the Naust Marine Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control System. Designed and manufactured by Naust Marine, the ATW system provides automatic load control for trawl winches. It shoots the net to a pre-set length and automatically and continuously ensures equal tension on the wires. During trawling, it keeps the trawl in optimal geometrical position, resulting in maximum catch with minimal operational cost.

With many new builds underway, Naust is in full swing designing, manufacturing, and testing deck machinery solutions for various customers. Norebo Holdings in St. Petersburg, Russia, is building a series of six new state-of-the-art factory trawlers, each receiving the Naust Marine custom and complete electrical winch solutions with the Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control System. In total, Naust Marine will manufacture and deliver 258 electric winches upon completion of the vessels. Naust is also working on a 121-meter super trawler, the largest in Russia, for Russia’s Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin (RK Lenina). This Complete Winch Solution package includes, 50 winches, control systems, and other vital deck equipment. 

For both retrofitting and new builds, Naust is seeing an ever-increasing request for a third and even fourth trawl winch. Reasoning is increasing the efficiency if fishing, lowering fuel/oil costs, and in turn increasing the catch. The vessels Akurey, Viðey, and Karelia II of Iceland, all had Naust Marine retrofit install a third trawl winch and additional sweep line winches. For the Norebo vessels, the third trawl winches were added later in the design phase. Ships, Breka and Páll Pálsson, which were built in 2017, were built with three Naust Marine trawl winches and have had good success. The vessel Remøy owned by the Norwegian company REMØY HAVFISKE AS, had installed a Naust Marine fourth trawl winch, to increase catch efficiency for fishing with three trawls. Remøy catches shrimp and cod in the Barents Sea and reports it is happy with the additional trawl winch.  

Naust works toward the future focused on great product quality, cost-effectiveness, and offering solutions that are environmentally and crew safe. There are exciting years ahead, as the great people who work for and with Naust Marine all have ambition to make things better for the maritime industry. Naust Marine, innovators, supplying complete deck machinery solutions that provide peace of mind, safety, and value to the operation.