19.April 2021

Naust Marine Delivering Cranes as Part of Complete Deck Machinery Solutions

Naust Marine in partnership with Techano A/S, has successfully delivered the first 3 cranes to Norebo Holdings new state-of-the-art factory trawlers, Kapitan Sokolov and Kapitan Geller.
The delivery of these 3 shipboard cranes, is the start of 18 total cranes to be delivered to the new factory trawler fleet being built at the Severnaya Verf Shipyard in St. Petersburg Russia.

- TC1385T Capacity 7 tons and Outreach 12 meters
- TC1385T Capacity 6 tons and Outreach 16 meters
- TC480T  Capacity 1.5 tons and Outreach 6 meters

These cranes are equipped with a separate operator panel which provides a comfortable work environment for the operator. The cranes can also be operated from a portable radio remote control panel. All controls include full proportional speed control for all crane motions. Each crane comes with its Hydraulic Power Unit, starters for the electric motor, and remote-control units and are designed for operations down to -30 degrees C.

Each crane is approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and comply with the Russian Technical Regulations on the Safety of Sea Transport Items (ТР-620).  These cranes will allow for a more effortless and safer operation when loading and unloading catch and cargo.

Naust Marine and Techano A/S are in full production working towards the completion and delivery of the next several marine telescopic boom cranes and other deck machinery solutions for these vessels.