07.April 2021

Igueldo Fisheries: New Retrofitting for Naust Marine in 2021

NAUST MARINE is excited to announce its newest customer Igueldo Fisheries – Stanley (Falkland Islands). The squid trawler Igueldo, built in 1989, at a length of 83m and beam
of 14m, will be undergoing retrofitting.

This coming fall 2021 in Vigo-Spain, the Igueldo will receive the following deck machinery solutions:

(2) 62-ton Trawl winches + Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control System for optimal catch
(4) 30-ton Sweeplines
(2) 35-ton Gilsons
(2) 22-ton Cod-end winches
(2) 18-ton Mosquets-Auxiliary winches
(2) 5-ton capstans
(1) Set of electric cabinets
(1) Water-cooled system for trawl winches

All necessary panels and controls.

Upon installation of the new Naust Marine winch system on the Igueldo, teamed with its new modifications completed last year, the owner will have a more efficient and modern
vessel for the squid fishery in the Falkland fishing ground.  Naust Marine looks forward to the next phases of retrofitting and working with the Igueldo Fisheries in optimizing their vessel.