30.March 2021

Havfjord to be Equipped with Naust Marine Electric Solutions

Norwegian owner Carl Aamodt & Co. from Kristiansand, Norway is building a new 36m seine netter/trawler at the Karstensens Shipyard A/S in Skagen, Denmark. The hull of the vessel is being built in Poland and completed in Denmark. It will be a class DNV-GL+1A fishing vessel, with a main engine that is 735 kW driving a 3600mm diameter propeller.  The owner, Carl Aamodt, is very active with partners, James Thores Jr. and Scott Andrew Thores, in the whitefish and pelagic sectors.

This new vessel will be equipped with a complete electric winch package from Naust Marine. The systems incorporate all state-of-the-art technology and smart features similar to Naust Marine custom solutions supplied to the Dutch Fly-shooting vessels, Good Hope and Neeltje, of the Boer family, in 2019 and 2020. 

Havfjord will receive the following Naust Marine equipment:

(3) Trawl winches - 130 kW for 1,100 mts of 28 mm wire
- With Automatic Trawl Winch Control system for Fly-shooting, trawling, and multi-rig
(2) Fly-shooting winches - 280 kW for 6,600 mts of 50 mm rope
(4) Double Net Drums - 75 kW x 2 each
(1) Auxiliary winch - 55 kW
(2) Auxiliary winches - 5.8 kW
(1) Double drum windlass for chain of 18mm Q2

Naust Marine will supply also all the electric cabinets equipped with, Active Front End units for regeneration, water-cooled drives, and the ability to operate in floating voltage/frequency between 400-440V, 50-60 Hz. Local and wheelhouse controls will also be supplied.

Delivery will be in July 2021.