24.March 2021

Naust Marine Installation Complete

This past winter, Factory Trawler (F/T) Northern Eagle, length 104m and beam 16m, installed the following Naust Marine deck machinery solutions:

(2) Gilson winches with 160 kW motors and controls
(2) Cod end winches with 75 kW motors and controls
(1) Outhaul winch with 45 kW motor and controller
(2) Capstans 22 kW motors and controls
(2) Retrievers 5.5 kW motors and controls
(2) Helper winches 5.5 kW motors and controls
(2) Lower net drum modifications from hydraulic to electric – gear, 90 kw motors and controls
(1) Storage winch modification from hydraulic to electric – gear, 37 kW motor and controller

In 2011, this vessel was the first F/T in the United States to install Naust Marine’s electrical trawl winches (2) 370 kW DC with Electrical Spooling Gear, Automatic Trawl Winch control system and controls.

Later, they installed

(2) Net drums 220 kW and controls
(2) 3rd wire winches 37 kW
(1) additional cable winch 37 kW
(1) video cable winch

In addition to the deck equipment, the Naust AutoGen Power Management System providing automatic load sharing was installed; which is designed to increase propulsion power, reduce oil consumption, and lower maintenance costs.

Now, all American Seafood’s large factory trawlers are updated as having all hydraulic winch systems replaced with new custom Naust Marine electrical winches systems. The selection and conversion to electrical winches affirms the move within the maritime industry, in looking towards the most efficient and safe deck machinery solutions and economical fishing methods available. 

Naust Marine wishes the F/T Northern Eagle fair winds and a following sea, with many a great catch.