01.March 2021

Naust Marine AutoGen Power Management System Providing Savings in Maritime Industry

Naust Marine’s AutoGen Power Management system is an automatic electrical load sharing system designed to increase propulsion power, reduce oil consumption, lower maintenance costs and prevent extreme load on individual engines. As it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has proven dependability, and is delivered with class approval, more vessel owners are purchasing the Naust Marine AutoGen system.

Most recently, Mintai DV LLC and Tralflot JSC in Russia both purchased the AutoGen Power Management system. 

These systems will be working with three generators, one shaft generator, and two auxiliary generators in each vessel.   

Upcoming installations of the Naust Marine AutoGen system, will include two 105m trawlers the Kai Yu and the Petr I of Russia, both built in Vigo, Spain. These will be the 6th and 7th vessels of this size and type to have the Naust Marine AutoGen system installed. Once installed the control monitor Human-Machine Interface (HMI) allows its user to have an overview of the entire system and communicate with the generators in one location. It also allows for easier remote access support and maintenance by Naust Marine technicians, as it permits a better system view and power management control of the generators.  
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