25.January 2021

Brim hf. receives Naust Marine deck machinery solutions

Winches for Örfirisey

Brim hf., one of Iceland’s largest seafood companies, has just received their new Naust Marine electric winch and automated control solutions. 
Naust Marine is proud to provide such solutions to a company that focuses on sophisticated fishing and processing technology and continuous production development 
One of the vessels outfitted with new Naust Marine deck machinery and controls, is freezer trawler Örfirisey RE 4, built in Norway in 1988. Its length is 64.55m with a beam of 12.8m and is well equipped to catch Greenland halibut, redfish, cod, haddock, and various other species in the waters of Iceland. 
The Örfirisey is currently equipped with a third wire winch that was supplied 12 years ago, however, has not been able to have three trawls ready on deck due to only having four Sweep line winches 

Naust Marine custom deck machinery solutions supplied:  
- One set of Sweep line winches, as they plan to add the third 
trawl lane to have three trawls ready on the deck.
   The new electric Sweep line winches have 90kW motors and nominal pull of 12 tons @ 43 m/min, giving maximum pull of 17 tons.
   New controls supplied, will be local and from the bridge

- One Cod End winch of 55 kW that gives 8.3-ton nominal @ 36.8 m/min, with maximum pull of 12 tons 

Brim hf. also 
purchased new drums for two Gilson winches onboard one of their wet fish trawlers the Videy RE 50. Videy was built in 2017 in Turkey and is 54.75m long with a beam of 13.5m and fishes mainly redfish, saithe, and cod. The vessel’s existing winches have smaller drums, which do not allow for net assistance during hauling. The new winches have a drum capacity of 3.2 cubic meters, making it possible to spool net onto the drums. They will maintain the same gear and motors and only change out the drums    

All winches supplied were manufactured and tested at the Naust Marine workshop in Vigo, Spain. Additionally, all controls were manufactured and tested at the Naust Marine workshop in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. Naust Marine designs, manufactures, and tests all winches and controls inhouse, to ensure high-quality, innovative, and safe products, with additional oversight for certifications, as necessary 

Naust Marine wishes Brim hf., Örfirisey RE 4, and Videy RE 50 many a prosperous and safe catches in the years to come with their new and improved Naust Marine custom winch solutions