22.December 2020

Naust Marine equips two new build cargo vessels for the Royal Arctic Line A/S

Complete winch solutions

The C-296 and C-297, 37.6 x 10m vessels, designed by Havyard of Norway are being built at the Nodosa shipyard group in Marin-Spain, for the Royal Arctic Line A/S in Greenland.

These vessels, Havyard 971 type, primary function will be to deliver food supplies and other essential items to the towns and settlements along Greenland’s coast, which are difficult to reach by another other means than seaway.

The vessels will operate in northwest Greenland, which makes stringent requirements of the vessels’ design, as they must operate in a rough environment, sail in and out of small shallow ports, and meet ice class requirements.

Naust Marine is proud to be delivering the same equipment to each vessel, all electric equipment solutions 

C-296 & C-297:

- (1) electric combined anchor/mooring winch with chain lifter for 26mm K2 chain and mooring
      drum for 140 meters of 26mm rope
- (1) electric double-drum mooring winch for anchor cable, with drums for 370 meters of 26mm cable
- (1) stopper for 26mm chain
- (1) capstan with its electric drives and controls; 4.65T – 20 meters/min. with IP67 operation pedal
- Local and wireless radio remote control Certified by DNV Class

Naust Marine's proven electrical solutions enable winch operations in even the harshest of climates to be executed with ease. In the rough waters of Greenland, Naust’s deck machinery solutions provide efficiency, reliability, and safety to the operation. Naust Marine is excited to outfit the new builds and continue to expand its vessel portfolio and global footprint with quality electrical solutions. Naust Marine congratulates the Royal Arctic Line and Havyard Designs and Solutions on the addition of these two essential vessels for Greenland’s infrastructure.