09.October 2020

Fleet Modernization with Naust Marine Deck Equipment

Naust Marine is pleased to announce the delivery of new deck equipment to the factory trawler Unzen. Unzen was built in 1982 at the Naikai Shipbuilding Takuma Plant in Takuma, Japan and is 92m long with a beam of 15m. Chile-flagged, 2,985 gross weight tonnage, Unzen is owned and managed by Emdepes of Santiago, Chile and is homeported in Valparaíso, the second largest city in Chile. Unzen is one of two modern factory vessels for Emdepes, with newer technologies and resources.  

Naust Marine electric deck machinery and controls supplied: 

Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control System 
Provides automatic load control; for each evolution, it shoots the net to a pre-set length determined by the operator. The ATW automatically and continuously ensures equal tension on the wires. During trawling, the ATW Control system keeps      the trawl in optimal geometrical position, resulting in maximum catch with minimal operational cost. 

(2) Trawl Winches with Electric Spooling Gear (ESG) 

ESG allows for accurate and reliable reeling, reduces strain, increases lifetime of the towing line, and saves considerable time when replacing wire. 
(1) Net Drum winches with a custom electric spooling device  
(2) Sweep line winches 
(2) Gilson winches 
(2) Auxiliary winches 
The Naust package is complete with automatic controls & electrical cabinets. 

Naust Marine continues to assist owners in the modernization of their vessels and fleet by providing custom and complete winch and control solutions. Naust Marine electrical solutions provide, cost savings, efficiency, user-friendly operations, and environmentally sound systems.  
Naust Marine wishes Unzen and Emdepes many more years of successful fishing.