29.July 2020

Naust Marine delivers 43 winches along with ATW Control System to Kapitan Sokolov

Kapitan Sokolov is the first in a series of six new state-of-the-art factory trawlers to receive the Naust Marine custom and complete electrical winch solutions along with the Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control System.  Naust Marine is proud to be actively fulfilling its complete winch solutions contract for the vessels being built by Norebo Holding at the Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg, Russia.  In total, Naust Marine will manufacture and deliver 258 electric winches upon completion of the vessels.

Each new trawler will have a capsule-type hull that is 81.6 meters long and 16 meters wide, outfitted with the latest reliable, durable, and innovative technology. The new vessels are designed to provide optimal production efficiency while remaining economical, safe, and comfortable for the crew. With these goals in mind, Naust Marine is equipping each vessel with (2) electric trawl winches and (41) electric auxiliary winches, including a Net drum that can be used as a third trawl winch, with the applicable control systems.  Each trawl winch is driven by a 355 kW AC motor, which can also work as an anchor winch.

Naust Marine is also supplying (3) complete marine telescopic jib cranes for load handling per vessel. The cranes are equipped with a separate operator panel which provides a comfortable work environment for the operator. The cranes can also be operated from a portable radio remote control panel. All controls include full proportional speed control for all crane motions. These cranes will allow for a more effortless and safer operation when loading and unloading catch and cargo.

Naust Marine spent a great deal of time and effort on designing the optimal winch and control systems solution for the new vessels. For instance, the vessel will be able to operate three trawl gears. To use the trawl for the anchor winch, it is disconnected from the trawl door and then connected to the anchor. This type of innovative design assists the trawlers to catch and process everything at sea at an increased capacity. Post design, Naust Marine production went into full swing, in Iceland for the controls and cabinets and Naust Marine Spain manufacturing the winches and motors.

Naust Marine has proven that its custom and complete winch solutions can withstand the harshest of sea-fairing conditions, eliminate hazardous spills and leaks, reduce noise and vibrations, minimize the deck footprint for more production space, provide easy to use controls, and reduce maintenance and fuel costs. The contract selection of electrical winches vs. hydraulic resides in the proven efficiency, reliability, and cost savings of Naust Marine electrical winch design. For these vessels it is exciting to be a part of a new innovative fleet project.

Naust Marine is currently in production on the next two vessels, Kapitan Geller and Kapitan Ostashkov. Kapitan Geller’s processing and freezing capacities per day will be rated at 136 tons and 90 tons, respectively.  Kapitan Ostashkov will have a freezing capacity of 100 tons per day, and a processing capacity of 150 tons per day. All six new trawlers are to be completed by 2023.