14.April 2020

Naust Marine: Fish Farming Arctic Offshore Project

In cooperation with our partners at engineering company Techano AS, Naust Marine is proud to be fabricating and delivering electrical solutions to the Artic Offshore Fish Farming project off the coast of Tromsø in Norway. This first of a kind semi-submersible offshore fish farm for the Norway Royal Salmon, is designed in a way that the cage has the capacity to hold 3000 tons of salmon and can endure up to 15 meters waves in the open sea. 

Naust Marine and Techano supplied electrical equipment: 

(16) Electric Net handling winches: with single and double drum, in stainless steel, and with remote operation and land controls
(4) Electric Capstans 
(8) Chain Jacks and Chain Lockers 

This equipment was designed by Techano and fabricated and fully tested successful by Naust Marine. Naust Marine also provided the equipment’s operational and control architecture design as well as specially designed wireless control panels and screens. 

The Naust Marine and Techano equipment will be used to vary the depth of the cage containing the salmon, providing protection to the fish and nets during stormy conditions. The cage maintains the top net 10 meters underwater which reduces the likelihood of parasites that can harm the salmon.