13.January 2020

Official ceremony for the vessel Good Hope

The official ceremony for delivery of the vessel Good Hope took place on January 9, 2020.

Fishing vessel Good Hope is a 28.62 meter, twin rig trawler and fly shooter. It is designed and equipped for fishing in the North Sea. The ship was built at Nodosa Shipyard and is the fifth trawler for the prestigious Dutch Osprey Fish Group. This is the second vessel Naust Marine was selected for within this group, to provide custom electric winch and control solutions. Last year, the same Naust Marine package was supplied to the vessel Neeltje for the Osprey Group.

For the past several weeks the Neeltje has been fishing with great catches and success, in turn the owners are satisfied with Naust Marine winches and controls

Naust Marine is proud to be selected as the main provider for the critical winch and control packages for these vessels.  Naust Marine wishes the owners and Good Hope crew many safe journeys and bountiful catches for years to come and continued success for the Neeltje.

Scope of supply installed by Naust Marine, all ELECTRICALLY driven:

  • (2) Fly shooting electric winches
    - Capacity: 4,400 meters rope of 44mm
    - Performance: 21.7 tons nominal pull at 18 rpm, reaching in shooting up to 140 rpm
  • (1) Twin rig electric Trawl winch
    - Performance: 15.3 tons nominal pull at 35 rpm, reaching in shooting up to 71 rpm
  • (2) Independent electric Double Net Drums model
    - Capacity: 11 m3
    - Performance: 13 tons at 25 rpm, reaching in shooting 65 rpm
  • (2) Auxiliary electric winches
    - Performance: 12.8 tons nominal pull
  • Electric control cabinet with water cooled frequency drives, supplied with integrated cooling system inside the cabinet
  • Naust Marine Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) control system for both Fly shooting and Twin rig.
  • Control from wheelhouse and local controls for all winches.

NOTE: The winch systems can be serviced and supported remotely via satellite communications.