26.April 2019

Naust Marine Delivers their Second Electric Fly-Shooting Package to Dutch Fleet!

Good Hope

Vessel Good Hope (H-357) is a seine netter/twin-rigger trawler and is Naust Marine’s second Fly-shooting package for Dutch fishing vessel owner Louwe de Boer. The first successful package was completed in February 2019 on the Neeltje. The Neeltje is one of the pioneering Dutch Fly-shooting vessels to convert from hydraulic to electrical winches. Naust Marine was and is proud to be completing these significant and highly technical alterations for the fleet.

All brake tests, pull tests, and speed tests were carried out at Naust Marine’s test bench in Spain with the owner present. As expected, all tests were successful! Naust Marine’s test bench with winches, panels, and cabinets connected runs up to 100 tons and tests the maximum speed of shooting. This testing assures confidence and accuracy of the systems dynamics and capacities.

This Fly-shooting package includes:
- 2x Fly-shooting winches
- 2x Double Net drums
- 1x Center winch
- 2x Auxiliary winches
- Electric cabinets with water cooled drives for main Fly-shooting winches control panels
- Naust Marine ATW Trawl Winch Control system
    Keeps the trawl in optimal geometrical shape, resulting in maximum catch with minimum operational cost.
- Smart View
    Provides remote support and service, designed to address the challenges of establishing a secure and reliable remote session to the ship control system via satellite communications.

All equipment will be installed in the vessel later this month at the Nodosa shipyard in Spain.

Naust Marine’s electric winches systems are the right solution for both Fly-shooting and twin rig fishing. Proving to be 30% more efficient than hydraulic systems, they provide;

  • Less fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • Environmentally sound solutions; less noise, no spills or leaks
  • Simple controls
  • More energy productivity