12.February 2019

Fly-shooting Winches & Control System for the vessel NEELTJE

Naust Marine just delivered Fly-shooting Winches & Control System to a Dutch vessel.

NEELTJE is one of the first fly-shooting vessel on the Dutch fleet to pass from hydraulic to electric winches.  The vessel is owned by the Dutch Cornelis de Boer (Osprey Group) who is building its NB fly-shooting at Spanish shipyard at Nodosa Shipyard.

The new equipment delivered from Naust Marine was tested to a great extent but our test bench can run up to 100t, with winches, panels and cabinets all connected.  Tests were also performed with testing pull and dynamic performances of winches (max. speed of shooting).

The Fly-shooting package includes:
- 2 Fly-shooting winches
- 2 double Net drums
- 1 Center winch
- 2 Auxiliary winches

Along with Electric cabinets with water cooled drives for main fly-shooting Winches Control panels, NM ATW and Smart view for remote access.

Electrical driven winches are very suitable for both fly-shooting and twin rig fishing, with low consumption and are efficient compared with hydraulic once and they are also very silent in operation.

A Second equal package for the owner Louwe de Boer, who is building at the same shipyard, will be assembled by Naust Marine after this package delivery for a vessel that will be named GOOD HOPE.