13.December 2018

New Winch and Control System for Karelia II

Naust Marine has delivered 1x Trawling winch and control system to NOREBO holding, for installation on the FT Karelia II, which is currently in Fiskestrand Verft, Norway, for retrofitting.

The Trawl winch has 355 kW AC water cooled motor, which performs approx. 45 tons @ 45 m pr. minute, as Nominal pull on the first layer.

Naust Marine equipment:

  • 1 x Trawl winch
  • 2x Ice-davits
  • AutoGen System
  • Control System

The Trawling winch will be used as 3rd wire winch in “twin rig” system, were the winch works in parallel with the existing hydraulic Trawl winches.
Naust Marine also delivered 2x Ice-davits which will be used to guide the trawling wire downwards to the stern ramp, if fishing in ice packed.
AutoGen - Power Management System, is for automatic load sharing and synchronizing the generators in the vessel.
With the Naust Marine Control system it is possible to control the winch as a Slave, from the other two winches and holding the Clump in correction position with the Trawl doors at all time.