11.October 2018

New Winch System delivered to American Dynasty

Naust Marine Spain production full ahead

Naust Marine has delivered to American Seafood in Seattle, NEW electrical winch system for the trawler American Dynasty.  The system will be installed this fall for the first operation in the A – Season on the Alaskan pollock, in January 2019.

The system consists of the following winches and Controls.

- ATW system for trawling winches, for controlling existing Trawling winches that were supplied by Naust Marine, 4 years ago.
- 2x Net drums with 220 kW ac motors. The max pull is approx. 50 tons and storing capacity 25 Cubm.
- 2x Gilson winches with 160 kW AC motor. Max pull approx. 50 tons.
- 2x Cod end winches with 75 kW AC motors.  Max pull approx. 25 tons
- 1x Out hauling winch with 45 kW motor
- Other smaller winches are 2x Capstans, 2x Retriever winches, 2x working winches.

Also delivered 3x winch controls for Net-sounder (3rd wire) winches, which are already on the vessel.  All Controls are designed and delivered from Iceland, as before but the winches were designed and built by Naust Marine Spain in Vigo.  Naust Marine has already 8 winch systems in factory vessels, operating from Dutch Harbour in Alaska.  The system is getting a good attention from international fishing owners which is a good sign for future deliveries/projects. 

Naust Marine has an impressive reference list of domestic and international ships that have the ATW system on board, as well as electrical winches designed and manufactured by Naust Marine. Growing number of ship owners are realizing the advantages of electrical winches over hydraulic powered ones and our aim is to hold on to our position as the number one supplier of electrical winches.