02.October 2018

The first winches manufactured at Naust Marine Spain

We are proud to announce that the first winches manufactured at Naust Marine – Spain, were delivered this week.

Since last year, Naust Marine have been working hard on establishing the production part of the winches in Vigo, Spain.   It is therefore an important milestone for the Naust Marine team to be able to announce that the production is now in full swing and numerous winches are in production and will be shipped in the coming weeks.

Net sounder winch specifically designed for handling cable instead of wire rope, will be installed in Las Palmas at Kekur Overseas Solutions S.L.U., onboard Admiral Shabalin, later this month.


Technical specifications:

  • MOTOR: 37kW
  • SWL: From 2.7 T - 4.1 T
  • The winch can store 3200 meters of 11 mm cable


NEW TRAWL WINCHES for Blængur, Iceland
Technical specifications:

  • MOTOR: 294 kW
  • SWL: from 37 T – 52 T (@ 46 m/min)
  • The winch can store 3000 meters of 32mm cable
  • With Electrical Spooling gear from Naust Marine


CARGO LIFT WINCH for Navigator, Belize 
Technical specifications:

  • MOTOR: 37kW
  • SWL: 6,7 T  (@ 30 m/min. )

Naust Marine has an impressive reference list of domestic and international ships that have the ATW system on board, as well as electrical winches designed and manufactured by Naust Marine. Growing number of ship owners are realizing the advantages of electrical winches over hydraulic powered ones and our aim is to hold on to our position as the number one supplier of electrical winches.