11.November 2016

Newbuilding on good track

Pall Palsson in shipyard in China

Naust Marine technicians are currently commissioning the winch system in a newbuild for the Icelandic market, the fresh fish trawler “Engey” owned by HB Grandi. The project is the first of 3 new vessels being built in a shipyard Turkey for the same owner. All winches and winch controls are from Naust Marine in all 3 trawlers, the latter 2 to be named “Akurey” and “Viðey” respectably. The names all reference small islands outside the Reykjavík port, where HB grandi has their main offices, along with a processing facility.

In addition to these technically advanced newbuilds, Naust Marine also supplies all winch equipment to the fresh fish trawlers “Páll Pálsson” owned by HG in Ísafjordur and “Breki” owned by VSV in the Westman Islands. Those vessels are currently being built in China.

All 5 projects have planned delivery in the first quarter of 2017 and are expected to start fishing later that year.

Naust Marine is very proud to have had the opportunity to supply and service the complete winch solutions for these quality Icelandic companies.