Trawl winches

Naust Marine produces and tailor makes Trawl winches adapted to our customer’s requirements.


The winches include:

  • Suitable for bottom, pelagic and seine fisheries – all sizes of trawlers
  • AC or DC motor drives with regenerative and non-regenerative options
  • Good service ability for the vessel crew – simple and accessible build with non-proprietary parts available world wide
  • Electrical Spooling Gear mounted as standard, for perfect reeling of wire on the drum
  • Redundant mechanical chain spooling drive with innovative arrangement – chain is always connected and, in case needed, is engaged by the crew effortlessly
  • Sturdy and service friendly spooling gear roller arrangements. Robust bearings and seals fitted and intuitive user adjustments
  • When operated with the ATW system there are numerous functional and safety benefits associated


  • Reinforced drum for synthetic tow line (Dynema or similar)
  • Custom pull and speed requirements
  • Vertical or horizontal motor arrangements
  • Smooth or grooved drum according to customer specification
  • Oil heaters and temperature sensors for gear unit – for cold environments
  • Bearing temperature measurements for preventative maintenance