Naust Marine produces standard and tailor-made Fly-shooting winches to fit customer requirements.

Naust Marine recently delivered Fly-shooting package to the vessel Good Hope and Neeltje both on the Dutch fleet.  NEELTJE is one of the first fly-shooting vessel on the Dutch fleet to pass from hydraulic to electric winches
Example of Fly-shooting package:
  • Fly-shooting winches
  • Double Net drums
  • Center winch
  • Auxiliary winches
  • Electric cabinets with water cooled drives for main Fly-shooting winches control panels
  • Naust Marine ATW Trawl Winch Control system
         Keeps the trawl in optimal geometrical shape, resulting in maximum catch with minimum operational cost.
  • Smart View
         Provides remote support and service, designed to address the challenges of establishing a secure and reliable remote session to the ship control system via satellite communications.

Naust Marine’s electric winches systems are the right solution for both Fly-shooting and twin rig fishing. Proving to be 30% more efficient than hydraulic systems, they provide;

  • Less fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • Environmentally sound solutions; less noise, no spills or leaks
  • Simple controls
  • More energy productivity