Auxiliary winches

Naust Marine designs and manufactures all auxiliary winches needed for vessel operations, fishing or otherwise. The auxiliary winches can be interconnected to the ATW control system, where winch status is displayed on a so called "Aux winch display". The display shows motors speed, motor load, temperature as well as alarm logging, service hours and more. All auxiliary winch controls can be connected to the internet for remote service and troubleshooting by our specialized technicians. Innovative control functions available; synchro control for up to 4 winches at a time (f.ex. Gilson winches), tension control, pre-programmed functions and more


Auxiliary winch types include:

  • Gilson winches and Gilson Retriever winches
  • Codend and Outhauling winches
  • Tugger, Back strop and Trix winches
  • Recovery and Hawser winches
  • Cargo and crane winches