Electrical Winches

Naust Marine offers complete winch solutions for fishing trawlers, custom made to fit different types of trawlers in all weather conditions.

Introducing our own design of ELECTRICAL WINCHES with the reliable ATW Trawl winch control system, making stronger and more reliable winch systems for fishing vessels. Design and construction based on the long experience at Naust Marine. After working with the fishing industry for 35 years, we know what they need!    Contact Naust Marine for specific needs not listed.

Common traits for ALL Naust Marine winches:

  • Sturdy construction of gearbox and drum
  • Quality surface treatment and corrosion protection
  • Multiple brake options – motor brake, band brake and more
  • With or without spooling gear, per customer specifications
  • Robust and user friendly control systems, with innovative options and features
  • Full spare parts supply and service
  • Service contracts available

Control system

All Winches from Naust Marine are supplied with proven control system. Whether your choice is AC or DC motor, our technicians have decades of experience within the electrical winch system field.

Trawl winches come equipped with the benchmark ATW system, which has been promoted as the most user friendly system on the market by users.

All winch systems have options for regenerative power or non-regenerative (brake chopper) options. The winch systems have various built in redundancies and safety functions to enable a high level of operational reliability of your fishing operations. Naust Marine realizes the expectations for zero failure from the fishing community.

Harmonic filters

Naust Marine is aware of the effects from variable speed motor drives to vessel electrical systems. We have years of experience cooperating with vessel owners and class societies to mitigate electrical noise from motor control equipment. Naust Marine works with the world's finest electrical filter manufacturers to supply your vessel with the optimal solution. On board electrical system quality study is available upon request.

  • Passive harmonic filters (5th harmonic)
  • Active harmonic filters, addressing noise higher up the harmonic spectrum
  • Power Facor (PF) correction units
  • RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) filters
  • Power quality studies offered

Integrated vessel systems

It can prove beneficial to share information and service between multiple systems on board a vessel. Naust Marine supplies various control systems that can be interconnected and share multiple spare parts.