Electrical Spooling Gear

Naust Marine's Electrical Spooling Gear (ESG) is designed for all types of Trawl winches, electric and hydraulic ones.

The purpose of this product is to ensure good reeling at all times regardless if steel wire or high-performance ropes are used.

The ESG controls can be a stand-alone package, be combined with Naust Marine’s Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control system or integrated into an existing ATW Control system onboard.

Naust Marine ESG benefits include:

  • Fits on any type of spooling device / level wind
  • Reduces strain and increases lifetime of towing line
  • Easy and quick wire diameter adjustment via controls in wheelhouse
  • Mitigates need to keep spare chain sprockets on board
  • Removes need to open spooling gearboxes out at sea
  • Learning mode for different wire diameters or splice
  • Saves considerable time when replacing wire

The Naust Marine Electrical Spooling Gear System (ESG) has been installed in over 40 vessels since the year 2008.

See our brochure for further information.


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