Electric propulsion

Naust Marine offers electric propulsion and controls in the small to mid-size range for all vessel markets. Setup can vary between Diesel Electric Propulsion, Hybrid Electric Propulsion (parallel or in series) or All Electric (powered by batteries). Customers include Research Vessels and Tour Boats, and through its partners the list extends to Tugs, Barges, Ferries, Yachts and more. Electric Propulsion is becoming increasingly popular due to obvious environmental benefits, not to mention huge reduction in noise and vibration. Cost has been going steadily down as technology advances. Advancements in battery technology has also been a sizable contributor in the most recent years. 

Naust Marine Electric Propulsion:

  • Available in a variety of size ranges
  • Motor options include: standard AC, standard DC and Permanent Magnet AC (PM) 
  • With PM, nominal speeds down to 150 RPM can be achieved (lower on request) 
  • Available as direct drive, no need for a gearbox. This improves the overall efficiency of the drive system 
  • Multiple redundancy and Power Regeneration options 
  • Full torque and speed control through the entire speed range - no need for variable pitch propellers 
  • In cases where winches are also present, the 2 control and power systems can be consolidated 
  • Good option for markets requiring: Quiet and vibration free operation, variable speed profiles where diesel engines become less efficient (such as crab boats/long liners), environmental concerns around docks, and more