Alarm system

Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS)

Naust Marine’s AMS is designed to monitor critical parameters of engines, and other machinery, in the vessel’s engine room. The system monitors, gives alarms, records and logs for complete coverage and usable preventative maintenance data, as well as breakdown analyses. AMS is based on a PLC industrial controller and processes signals from field sensors installed on relevant equipment, communicated over robust field bus communication protocols.

AMS offers:

  • Monitoring and logging features for the engine control room operator (chief engineer)
  • Valuable logging data for preventative maintenance indicators (f.ex. cylinder exhaust temperature etc.)
  • Remote monitoring panels in cabins, mess, wheelhouse or other relevant locations
  • Customizable number of alarm points and communication to auxiliary controllers (such as engine controls, CAN or similar bus communication)
  • Optional pager system for unmanned engine room ability
  • Optional remote I/O stations to process signals around the vessel (factory, fish hold etc.)
  • Extra/unused inputs are configurable for new alarms, as need arises
  • Remote service offered from Naust Marine experts through vessel’s internet connection
  • Class certified (DNV and similar)